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Knights of Badassdom!

If you haven't seen this trailer which was released at the San Diego Comic Con this past week, then you need to hurt yourself. I'm excited to see this movie for two primary reasons, 1) It's about LARPing - what is funnier than LARPing? and 2) It looks to have Danny Pudi (Community, Road Trip), Ryan Kwanten (TrueBlood), Peter Dinklage (Elf, Narnia), Summer Glau (Firefly, Serenity), Steve Zahn (You've Got Mail, Riding in Cars with Boys) and Jimmi Simpson (Breakout Kings, Date Night, The Invention of Lying). I really appreciate these actors and all for very different reasons. I hope it lives up to the already pretty excited hype it's receiving. Check it out.


- RoneTyne